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Complete eye exam

  • Eye exam

    The most important thing you can do to preserve your eyesight is to visit your eye doctor for regular checkups. Like the rest of your body your eyes will change gradually as you age. However, unlike the rest of your body, the eyes rarely hurt if something is wrong. We'll advise you when it's time to be re-examined. So, don't rely on broken glasses or lost contact lenses to remind you of your next appointment. Follow the advice of experts, have your eyes examined on a regular basis.

    At Hoover Optometry, our expertly trained eye doctors will perform the most extensive eye exam, including vision testing and a thorough assessment of your eye health.Vision testing includes a detailed analysis of your vision status with your present glasses, your contact lenses or simply your eyes. It is the first important step in your examination.

  • Refraction

    Using advanced equipment, we will do a series of lens tests to determine if you need glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision.

    If you need a correction, not only can we make you see better, in many cases we can enhance your academic, occupational or recreational performance.

  • Ophtalmoscopy

    All complete examinations include an eye health assessment with a technique called ophthalmoscopy. This procedure allows the doctor to examine the internal structures of the eye. With this scope the doctor is able to see the optic nerve, retinal blood vessels and the retina in general.

    In addition to cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, many systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes show up here.

  • Tonometry

    We also perform a painless procedure, called tonometry to measure the pressure inside your eye or intraocular pressure (IOP). This test is important in the detection of glaucoma.

  • Digital retinal photos

    We have introduced the latest digital imaging to our practice in an effort to provide you with the most comprehensive eye health examination.

    This test will take a picture of the back of your eye, the retina, and allow your doctor to detect any problems early. Certain diseases can show up in the retina; like, diabetes, high blood pressure, nerve damage to name a few.

    Digital retina photography detects and monitors early sight-related problems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Complete eye exam
Complete eye exam

Eyewear services

  • Best in class lenses edging
    and fitting

    At Hoover Optometry, we put a lot of attention into details. This is why we choose to partner with best in class laboratories. Giving our patients access to nothing but the most advanced digital technologies and expertise is the guarantee for an impeccable and performing product.

    Our partner lab is where craftsmanship and innovation come together to deliver precise vision and ultimate confort. Indeed, while the actual lens cutting and shaping is automated, careful attention to details ensures optimal control and accuracy.

Contact Lenses

Our “3 sees” approach

Our goal in contact lens fitting is achieving the "3 sees"—that is the patient sees well, the contact lenses feel well and the eyes look well. In a nutshell, the contact lenses must provide clear, crisp vision, feel comfortable and not compromise oculovisual health. We are comfortable fitting those patients who have high astigmatism, dry eyes, need bifocal lenses, or need contact lenses for cosmetic purposes. Please call to arrange appointment to see if these are suitable for you.

The advantages of purchasing contact lenses from our clinic are:

  • Competitive price (please inquire regarding inclinic promotions/mail-in rebates)
  • Exchange of product in the event of a prescription change (when a comprehensive eye examination is conducted at our clinic within 1 year of purchase of contact lenses)
  • Our guarantee that the contact lenses ordered are the authentic product professionally fit by your optometrist


Contact lenses fitting

It is important to establish proper fit and good hygiene from the onset.

A proper fit requires several visits which include:

  • Initial fitting, by a licensed doctor of optometry
  • Instruction of insertion, removal and hygiene for new wearers
  • (a review for previous wearers if needed)
  • All trial lenses needed to optimise the fit: Soft/rigid contact lenses, disposable/non-disposable modalities are available. New silicone based lenses transmit up to 5x more oxygen than regular soft disposable contact lenses.
  • Starter kit of solution

Follow-up visits to monitor ocular health relative to contact lens wear and to finalise the fit by a licensed doctor of optometry.

Essilor technologies

Top of the line lens technology

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